Saturday, November 26, 2011

Winter Work!

Here's the card I made for CanAssist to send to their friends!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Latest Work!

That's me painting the Subway restaurant windows at Fort and Foul Bay Road in Victoria.

This is what they look like from outside.
Santa and Rudolph
Some kids making a Sub Snowman!

the third kid eating a subway sandwich and hot chocolate.

Next I worked on the Stadcona Subway Windows

When I was painting these windows I was asked to paint a window at the Oak Bay Pharmasave!
 I'll share that one soon.

Here are cards I designed for Victoria Opportunties for Community Youth Leadership (VOCYL)
They are for sale if you contact VOCYL

This card was designed for the Queen Alexandra Foundation

I also did a pet portrait for friends- this is "Bowker"

Friday, September 11, 2009

Camp YES!

Hi there! Gen here!
I had a wonderful time at Camp Yes!
I had made so many friends, and most of it turned out great!
I’ve got so much to share, and I even made a few pictures as well!

I took a lot of time to get every picture done! I ran out of time to make more pictures of what happened to me during the camp! I was so distracted. I had more pictures and facts I really wanted to add as well, but this was all I can do! In fact, I wanted to put every single member in, but it’s so hard putting all 75 of us in this task! No one deserved to be left or put out!
Thus, can you imagine making 100 people on adventure all together? That’d take a decade! Oh, please forgive me! (sobs)
This is the first picture I made.
It’s of me and all the staff and campers doing the dance and hose party activity.
We did that every day, because it was soooo hot, none of us were used to it at all. There weren’t any air-conditioners there, which was why the best thing to get cooled down was to get soaking wet while dancing to the music! Oh Yeah!

This is me with one of my besest friends I’ve met at Camp, Aden.
He was one of the most wonderful and sweetest young guys, I’ve ever known.
I’ve never forgotten him. I always remembered how warm-hearted a nd positive he was.
I sure hope I see him again some day. Love ya to bits, Aden!

We were the green group! This is me with some of my team mates, Chelsea, Alan, Jen, with Min, Josh and Kelly. Including a few others, Nikki, Amber, and a couple of other guys… I’m so sorry I forgot their names, and especially for not adding them in the picture. I feel awful! If you know who I missed please leave a comment for me so I can add the names!

This is me with some of my most favourite staff members, Cody, Hillary and Leslie, along with a Vocyl member of mine, Victoria. The background is rainbow, because of our colour groups, which was why it was known as Camp Rainbow. I like Hillary. She was wonderful company, and I had really good conversations as well. I thought Leslie was totally awesome! She was so friendly and very energetic! She and Cody liked to tease each other, which was funny!
I have made a wonderful friendship with Cody! He was my favourite. I always feel luckier I got to know him! I still think about him a lot, and the wonderful times I had with him!
If I go back to camp again, I totally look forward to see him again!
Cody was also energetic, and he can do back flips as well!

During the free play time, I mostly drew pictures.
This is an example of me showing everyone a picture I drew of Nintendo’s Captain Olimar with Hello Kitty from Sanrio. Everyone really loved my pictures, and also very amazed that I could draw so good. In fact, I wasn’t the only amazing artist, one of the campers, I think his name was Jazz…His artwork was totally astonishing too! I think his drawing level was an inch higher than mine! There was also another camper who did art as well. She was one of the prettiest campers, although I forgot her name! (pity) Her pictures were very cool as well!
Every now and then while I was drawing, camper Max would come along to watch me draw, because he was surprised how amazing I could draw!

This is me with Korean Min and Rainbow-tanned Sam!

Min was from Korea, and she came all the way to Canada on her own to join the Yes Camp.
She was very quiet, and mostly just liked watching the others have fun.
Every now and then, she’d come over to watch me draw my pictures.
Because everyone spoke English, always made Min drowsy, that made me feel a bit worried for her, but she was used to it, and even though she was Korean, she still knew what everyone was saying, and she did a great job of speaking English, herself. I thought Min was a very independent and brave camper. We became good friends as well. I called Sam a rainbow-tanner because one time, he decorated himslf with a long magenta necklace, and when he was in the sun, the rays and necklace turned him the same colour! Sam was one of the most special guys, I’ve gotten to know. I’ve never forgotten how nice he was to me. I still remember Sam, and I hope I see him again some day!

Monday, April 20, 2009


This is a picture, I drew of the Titanic.

I did the best I could to make it look just like her. I gave bit of an imagination to Titanic, that she and the other ships and boats had opinions and emotions, for example, I gave the Titanic huge beautiful eyes, and a friendly smile at the middle of Titanic's bow, so the whole life-like is Titanic, itself.

I also drew the two main characters from the Titanic movie, Jack and Rose.

I felt like I really needed to draw them, and that's what I did. I drew them very adorable looking, and very manga-cartoony.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Welcome to Syndromation!

My name is Gen Chandler. I’ve been doing drawing creations, like forever. I used to do normal drawing pictures, before I learned how to become a better artist. I also used to just color in coloring books. Now that I got the skill after watching the movie, “Lilo and Stitch,” which was something that might have taught me how to draw better. I used to always get in the habit of doing real creations, until now that I got to do the “manga” creations, that’s when I slowly got the new creative activity in making my new life’s work, “Chibi Teen Life,” and also sometimes make the character creations look real, in Japanese style.
The way I now usually draw myself, and same with everyone else, in chibi form, meaning they’re small and cute, I mostly got the idea from the video game, “Pikmin”, and in a similar way based on “Hello Kitty”.

I call my real drawing and comic style work, “Chibi Teen Life”, the creative work I mostly do.
Before I made my working style the mane, “Chibi Teen Life”, I used to create stories about three main characters, named Grannie, Sid and Katie. I designed them as a young-looking granny and two grandkids, with super powers, and live up in the sky.
For some reason later, I moved on, and started doing creations about me, and what goes on in my life too…

I have an art exhibition of my work called Syndromation at the A. Wilfred John's Gallery in the MacLaurin building at the University of Victoria! The show runs until April 30 and I hope you can see it.

I was interviewed by Adam Sawatsky of A Channel. I drew some pictures of him.

Here are more of my pictures-

I will put more pictures and some stories in here so come back soon!